Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fundoshi - sounds like fun!

While on my Japanese tangent, I stumbled across this: the FUNDOSHI

What is it you ask? Me too.

It's a loin-cloth!

Traditionally worn by Japanese men before they were phased out by western-style underwear, the loincloth - or female ‘fundoshi’ is making a resurgence. Apparently this is what Japanese women wore beneath their kimonos back in the days before underwire bras and synthetic fabrics.

A Japanese lingerie maker calls female loincloth underwear the "ultimate liberation item" for women allowing them to ditch tight-fit underwear and Kyoto-based lingerie manufacturer Wacoal is leading the resurgence, having released the product three years. In recent months there has been a surge in consumer interest in its all-natural Nanafun line, more than 5,000 loin cloth in multiple colors and designs have been sold in Japan since December priced from $13. Available in a number of color combinations, the line includes both bras and briefs made of 100% cotton.

The bras do not use wire to provide support, just time-tested human engineering that stresses comfort and durability.

Well, it certainly looks interesting and I am all about comfortable underwear but I can't see myself taking on this trend. That saggy bottom just is not a good look especially under clothes. But each to their own.

Although, I do find them cute overall. I'd almost prefer it as a bikini.

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