Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebritiy Wardrobe Malfunctions

At least when we have a wardrobe malfunction, usually it goes pretty much unnoticed. Eventually one of your friends may give you the look and let you know something's amiss. But I feel sorry for the celebs - one little wardrobe malfunction and it's splashed all over the Net. Oh, the humiliation!

I was trying to think of a wardrobe malfunction of my own but nothing comes to mind immediately. Although I was chatting on the weekend about a certain, well, let's call it wardrobe malfunction that occurred on a first date with my now spouse. The whole evening he had a small hole in his crotch seam that was exposing his bright red Jockeys! That really just made him even more endearing as he was trying so hard to impress me and I didn't have the heart to tell him. Good news is we've been together ever since. Well, I mean, red underwear... woo hoo!

If you have any celeb or personal malfunctions you're brave enough to share please go ahead and upload them. We're all only human. And no, I don't have a pic to upload from that first date!

1 comment:

  1. he he great post Fashionista.....that piccy of Carrie!!!!Thats happened to me holding bags of groceries exiting a shopping centre, doors open and wooooof goes the wind straight up me skirt revealing my knickers to a bunch of middle aged men, poor things, I needed to run off and hide in a dark tight spot :P